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What is wrong with Jolla?

Jolla management really seems to not understand a first thing about how to deal with consumers. They "sailed" on wings people believing it will be open source product. They got litterally hunderds of request and question for why it isn't? Answers, I found once something along in these lines "we plan in future".

The reallity - they aren't a good company. They still didn't ship tablets, they don't even know how to deal with that, they don't answer on people question and they even don't issue refunds for people that gave money for tablets. Jolla, you suck!

They got some new funding with it but their blog post about it also sucks big time. Unless they open source SailfishOS they will go nowhere nor do I have any further interest in such bad behavior of one company that plays on community feeling.

If you want a better experience and more open source then you should go with Tizen, FirefoxOS (although Mozilla closed development), Cyanogen, Android, Replicant and so on...