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Interesting? :)

On Distrowatch Debian has more points than Ubuntu and Red Hat combined - coincidence? I don't think so! ;)

Merry Christmas

Today it is Christmas here (Serbs are majority Orthodox and so is my family). While I am not religious, it has a great tradition here and probably the only day when majority of family gathers on one place.

I also today remember my Debian family and want to express love to it. I will try this year to dedicate much more time to Debian and hope I keep this pace going on for many years (lifetime?) to come.

Cheers to all and happy hacking.

Thank you ancenstor

When I found out that our founding father died it really was hard for me. I took it like a real man. I cried and then I choose to write a blog post.

I never met Ian, but he changed my life with his humble but great decision some 22 years ago. Not only mine. He changed many of us. He empowered us, he gave us something we didn't have before. Without Debian I would never be person I am today and I am happy to say that I am still growing with incredible pace everyday. Every. Single. Day.

We all are Ian and we will continue to keep up the fire on the torch. I can say one thing, in coming decades and centuries society is gonna get better and I am sure it will be because of Debian. Debian community will overtake the world because we are not only universal OS, we are social movement for better life where many of people I love found their home. You know, the swirl is the gear that keeps one awesome family keep going on and growing every single day. And I can be proud to say, I lived in time where Ian made a choice that changed the world.

Thank you founding father, you will be remembered and celebrated forever.

Deepin switches to Debian Sid

Distribution that I feel fond of their work on UX for Linux ecosystem has switched from Ubuntu to Debian. So now pabs will probably invite them to our Derivate Census and they start packaging their stack into Debian directly.

More about their latest RC release and the mention of switch is on their blog