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What is wrong with Jolla?

Jolla management really seems to not understand a first thing about how to deal with consumers. They "sailed" on wings people believing it will be open source product. They got litterally hunderds of request and question for why it isn't? Answers, I found once something along in these lines "we plan in future".

The reallity - they aren't a good company. They still didn't ship tablets, they don't even know how to deal with that, they don't answer on people question and they even don't issue refunds for people that gave money for tablets. Jolla, you suck!

They got some new funding with it but their blog post about it also sucks big time. Unless they open source SailfishOS they will go nowhere nor do I have any further interest in such bad behavior of one company that plays on community feeling.

If you want a better experience and more open source then you should go with Tizen, FirefoxOS (although Mozilla closed development), Cyanogen, Android, Replicant and so on...

Just read LWN or make your news

So it has been always a pain but lately going and (yes, my mistake) reading Phoronix news is just horrible (the best word I could choose, other were much more nasty). So instead writing thousand of words I just choose to make a picture.


I think it's pretty much clear what it is. Instead of that people should read LWN or I should start making news because it is not hard to be waaaay much better then Phoronix guy but also news that I didn't write I will not just link to it (many times not even that) and then say how I wrote article! You know, it is fine not to understand everything and ask people questions.

Okay, wow!


This story just blown my mind.

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society - Jiddu Krishnamurti

Think about it

This video should be watched by every single person that cares to make something out of their life. It is so awesome and I don't want to spoil it by talking about it but I at least suggest that everyone in Debian community should take an hour and watch it. Enjoy!

Interviews with FLOSS developers: Elena Grandi

One of fresh additions to Debian family, and thus wider FLOSS family is Elena Grandi. She is from realms of Valhalla and is setting her footprint into the community. A hacker mindset, a Free software lover and a 3D printing maker. Elena has big dedication to make the world free and better place for all. She tries to push limits on personal level with much care and love, and FLOSS community will benefit from her work and way of life in future. So what has the Viking lady to say about FLOSS? Meet Elena "of Valhalla" Grandi.

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The big life adventure called DebConf15

By the help of sponsorship I managed again to attend the conference where Debian family gathers. This is going to be a mix without any particular order of everything, anything and nothing else ;)

attendance pic

I arrived to Heidelberg Main Train Station around 9am on 15th August and almost right away found Debian people so it made my trip to hostel easier. After arrival I checked in but needed to wait for 3 hours to get the key (it seems that SA will not have that problem at all, which is already an improvement). Although waiting was 3 hours long, it wasn't actually difficult at all as I started hugging and saying hi to many old (the super old super friend of mine - moray, or how I call him, "doc") and new friends. I just must say - if you know or don't know Rhonda, try to get somehow into her hugs. With her hug I acknowledged that I really did arrive to reunion.

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Hell just got frozen

It's at least an interesting story that Microsoft celebrated Debian release. Once arch enemy of Linux world, now obviously on their knees when they must do such things to sustain their business model. Next stop, Microsoft goes open source, and still nobody cares. Then they go out of business - and no one cares. Maybe they survive as open hardware producer? ^_^

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. - Mahatma Gandhi

Internet freedom

Why did internet succeed and is growing by incredible pace? Because there were no politicians, no lawyers no economist or managers. Period.

Atlassian honors 10 years of git

and even mentions Debian.Here under info for Git installations skyrocket (January 2010) and Git installations surpass all other version control systems (January 2011). There is also part with git-annex written by our old pal Joey Hess. :)